26 random acts of kindness…

Haylie Bolan documented 26 random acts of kindness she did for her 26th birthday. A great inspiration for us all. πŸ™‚


lots more found hello notes…

We have had many new found hello notes sent via email, Twitter, and Instagram. Check them out on the found hello notes page.

Don’t forget to let us know about the hello notes you leave for others so they can be posted on the sent hello notes page.

Email: foundhello@gmail.com
Twitter: @foundhello
Instagram: foundhello #foundhello

Please include the place, town, and state you found your hello!

Have a fun and safe holiday!


We received a comment on the post Rachel’s Challenge – start a chain reaction.

Shalarx: β€œThis program is amazing! My 8 year old daughter has this program in her school and she was inspired to take $40 from her piggy bank and turn it into $10,000 for a complete stranger injured in a drive by shooting on his 21st birthday. Watch her story here. It is amazing!”

To Katelyn and her classmates and teachers:
A true inspiration for all of us.

Across the sea…

While surfing the internet, I stumbled across a YouTube video blog by Cian Spelman discussing a project similar to the hello notes. Actress/singer Carrie Hope Fletcher recently started the project @TheHopefulNotes and it seems to be taking off quite nicely.
Best of luck to Carrie, Cian, and the participants of the @HopefulNotes. Keep up the good work!

Please check out Cian and Carrie’s video blogs.

The Hopeful Notes – Cian Spelman

Nice for No Reason – Carrie Fletcher

Cian sent a shout out to @foundhello at the end of his latest video blog…

Thank you Cian! {{hug}}